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   Washington Park Marina, Michigan City, Indiana

Where Lake Michigan Ends . . .
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The Michigan City Sailboat Charter fleet is berthed at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. The charter fleet is centrally located on the newly renovated 600 Dock in Michigan City's picturesque Washington Park marina.

With our location on the southern most part of the Great Lakes, we enjoy a longer sailing season. Our charters start in May and run through October.

Taking a sailing vacation will offer the cruising sailor easy access to more than a dozen sheltered ports of interest, just hours from each other.

Michigan City Sailboat Charters has a
Fleet of fully equipped bare-boats from 30 to 36 feet.  Captains are also available.

Michigan City Sailboat Charters offer comprehensive
Sailing Courses, which, upon completion, qualifies you for special discounts with your "Preferred Skippers" card. We also have a "Yacht Management Program" for those interested in the advantages of owning your own charter boat.

For those of you that haven't been out sailing in the last couple of years, this is the summer to dust off your boat shoes and get out sailing! This year we are offering a
One Day Refresher Course! It's a one day charter refresher class at a great introductory price. If you feel a little rusty and haven't been out on the water for a while, this would be a great opportunity to tune up your sailing charter skills.

Call or write our Reservation Manager for Available Charter Dates or other information:

Michigan City Sailboat Charters
P.O. Box 8768
Michigan City, IN 46361

(219) 879-7608

Sail Away with Michigan City Sailboat Charters

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